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creep · woman · acadian

bros before barnyard hoes

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Garage giggs can be frightening.
but a joel plaskett re-make will calm you down :S
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rejected rejected
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4:30 am bond fires are sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.
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ditzy long laughs
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help me do the dishes
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cool things:
i am legal to drive.
ill be 18 soon.
since ill be 18 ill be able to buy bigger and better things.
will be getting a car soon.....i think.
working at twin shores.
new music.
more boyfriend time.
my friends are going to university. happy for em.

im going back to blue field for a semester.
im not going to see some of the people i went to school with for 6 years ever again....well until they are married and i happen to walk into the same store as tubeulint and his wife and several kidz. his kidz would have hockey jerseys on and they would have dried food on their faces. throwing frisbees and knocking over brake ables. his hair would be still as blond and curly as ever.

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good feel good
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bloc party - so here we are
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i miss my boyfriend!
Current Mood:
sad sad
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metric- the list
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danger kat, woman is a danger kat
but not all danger kats will attack
danger Kat, woman is a danger kat
but not all danger kats will attack on you.

verse 1
Her husky body fill up in tatts
that woman is a danger kat
flipping hair just likes its attractive
and her choice of words are chosen passive

verse 2
No character part for her in a play
conceited burst is all she had to say
upset and not chosen
up to date in fashion
being cool matters, cause beauty is her passion


verse 3
Verbally aggressive
stands her ground, tough as nails sounds impressive
snaps out, scares us, we fall down
bossy behaviour will count you out

verse 4
Her expectations are hard to meet
she could shut you down if not shown up early
making ones excitement crash into ground
she looks polite listening to our sound.


but dont you worry
danger kats are not that bad
pick wisely
becarful for what you wish for
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Current Mood:
high light headed
Current Music:
flamming lips
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read this whith rhythm

mair ja wanna this popular, most recognizable drug will not only bring you up past satisfaction but free you from all lifes problems.

Well im guessing thats what it does
since i have never done it i maybe wrong
but thats what ive heard and for now i will sound smart and continue on with this topic.
Mair ja wanna.
Your lavish friends
hook you up with it
during the week. And it is so convenient since you can smoke it
or hide it from the police
and put it in brownies.
In the end
its all the same
you are satisfied
and feeling sexy.
Its half past ten and you have
a free next class . What would be a better way to pass some time?
Deep in your bag holds a smaller, rebellious bag, in that holds your
crave. Class is over and you are going for your "walk" carefull
not to be suspicious. Suspicious? Who's suspicious? Not
me not i. "you!" You come to your peaceful hole. The
hole you sit in under that tree, and cunningly
pull out some weed. You smoke it. Those
little mair ja wanna bugs fill up
your lungs and you are feeling
quite sweet.
But before you know it your free is over with and next class has to begin.
Stoned now,
stand up now,
climb out of that hole,
now dust off your pantz.
Yes your eyes look red but try not to give away this secret.
You feel better now
much better than this morning.
Trying to walk fast into school seems
difficult. Can't be late. but you are late
oh well you ve done it before and
the teacher has let you in. But the stop
you made at the vending machines has cosed
extra minutes
of the
time he is sick
Stuck outside
of the learning place
your face is warm
your hands are sweaty
... sort of.
Your lungs feel like
they could fly right
out of your mouth.
With this little time to yourself you reflect on a time last week that
you did the same thing and suspicion from your friends then was
So you left. Are they mad? What ever they'll get over it, and if not they
dont know what they are missing. Your not worried about it now anyways
there is no space for anything in my frankensliced mind.
Home now, feeling depressed, your distress
is calling for another joint.
But there is non left the guy you
bought is from has had an accident and anyways all is hopeless.
To weak to go to the laundry. To drained to do excercises
To frustrated to do homework. Go have something to eat. You
ate too much now you are tired so you sleep. You only have one
dream. Your dream is that you are in a ditch reading a book
you get bored with the book and start ripping out the pages. The pages disappear before they get a chance to hit the ground.Of
But the more
you rip out
makes you forget
about all the rest.
You finish and feel a little adease but you do feel
very angry and sticky about it all.
You throw
down the empty book
and try climbing out
of the ditch. But you
have no shoes on
no shoes = no gips = no chance of you getting out.
You cry a little. Sob.
Feeling discouraged and worried. You are wondering
how you got in this
ditch, and why you picked up that book in the first place.
" will i ever get out?"
You know you "shit the bed" on that one and have to suffer the consequence. For every high there are more lows that seem to show up. Eventually you'll wake up exhausted and emotional from that dream you feel silly
* * *
"what are you girlz doing!"
"oh shit run!"
we ran so fast... but didnt get too far. he caught us and yelled at us. we sunk our heads and felt bad. we ate our lunch quiet and sad and guilty. we decided to appologize to T - man but ended up crying by accident right in front of him. in the middle of a place we are terrified to go. the barnkats. cheated. so i wrote a song about it

emotional cheaters (capo 2nd fret)

I got caught eating the chocolate chips outa the cupboard
sunk my head, i felt bad and apologized to her,
we got caught cheating on a theme song
hidden behind the curtain is where he found us
explanations, these situations are the worst
we get emotional, we are emotional cheaters.

sorry, sorry we feel guilty
excused from the committee
immature antics is what we're made of
sorry, sorry, we're idiots
but nothing could of stopped us
immature antics is what we re made of (is what we are made of)

verse 2

what have we dont its not funny
all by ourselves we feel lame and lonely
our stressed out eyes, changed his mind
wipe your face and run away
what will happen?
tell us we will feel comfortable again


leave us alone creepy man
with the peppermint and coffee breath
you left my harmonica smelling of ciggarette
creepy man, its the creepy man again!

i wanna be forever young.
Current Mood:
calm its okay
Current Music:
forever young- youth group
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i got myself a summer dress today. its green, real chic. i need to retire my winter boots though... i really dont want to but people are saying its gotta happen. so if anyone finds a nice pair of size 7's (summer boots) ledda me know k?
Current Mood:
good good
Current Music:
forever young - youth group
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I am the queen of tease... and a few dred locks.
Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
sigur ros
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im so happy right now.
Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
girls singing
* * *
i have a boy friend.
Current Mood:
excited excited
Current Music:
mates of state
* * *
chicken soup for the sexy soul.
Current Music:
footy prints
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amanda that was the most foul & swinish & an indecent picture of your idea of a valentines day heart.
* * *
i ve got a crush on you
i hope you feel the same as i do
i cant rush when im with you
i ve got a crush on you, a crush on you
.......deee deee deee dah

i cant remember the rest of the song. but yeah...i have a crush on someone
...in a non bisexual way.

Current Mood:
embarrassed embarrassed
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* * *
* * *
i'm going to squint my eyes and bite my teeth real hard and say this..................................................................................................................................
ahhhhh! never mind i can't.
i'm sorry:(
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disappointed disappointed
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* * *
dear you,
if you dont like let alone heard my music before you are a total lamo. If you are straight edge and like to use that word because it makes you feel cool you are e-tard. If you use the word "e-tard" and dont know what it means ... you have no right to use it. And if you dress like a prep or suddenly change you willnever ever fit in and we wil always know who you really are( you are impossible to change). Oh! and if you dont have a cool club our group that i know is cool...well everyone in the group knows that who ever is in it are the coolest people in the sky than...your not cool..make sense? If you write in your live journal more than 1nc a month you are a complete loser you can only be cool by writing in it 1 every 2-3 months ( unless you are breanna) and getting 47 comments that post.
You are super fly when you are pretty and confident and let people know that you dont look in the mirror and if you do you are conceited. I dont like you if you dont use neat words that no one is allowed to use. I like you if you like cokeane*** and hash. You can only be my friend if you are just like me, NO DIFFERENT!, and are alright with me talking about you sort of. We can go to only "cool" shows. watch only independent movies, and listen to music no one has ever listened to before. if not ..... you are lame to me and all of my cool friends. I only want to hear cool stories that are reblish and involve sexy sceans. If you dont like the color brown... lets not go there.
Listen, its simple... you just have to fit in, like what i like, show me to cool music i have never heard before, judge me, so i can judge you, drink coffee and not be straight edge because its old news. thats the way it is. thats the way it will be ..until it changes again and i agree with it. I do the inventing around here not you. if you do ....LAMEO!!! and ill make sure you know it
now, ill see if you are cool enough to be my friend....BUT FIRST you must drink lots of liqour and dance! dance! dance!
signed: judgmentality(is it a word)
Current Mood:
accomplished thank god for a voice
Current Music:
im scared to say
* * *
i just thought i should write this down for everyone to read.
i went to a family party last night and it was fun. my dad gave me booze, my stepp mom gave me wine, my grandpa gave me liquor. i took sips and hated it!
why to god why is it so popular with youth! its ugly! its yukky, down right stinky. im gona sing you a song now

verse 1
sprained his leg on a moterized scooter
than got drunk the next night off his mothers cooler
(repeate 2x)

a couple of months of wheatherd hands
a curly head of hair is a hornets nest
an order of pizza is another thing you cant rely on
my nose is running like jarred canoughtton


10 days of the random flew bug
so she missed out on a lot of pree-teen beach thugs
(repeate 2x)

by the barnkats

Current Mood:
rejuvenated rejuvenated
Current Music:
* * *
525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure,
measure a year? In daylights,
in sunsets,
in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches,
in miles,
in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes
how do you
measure a year in the life?
* * *



Who is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* * *
* * *